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The vassil bojkov collection includes archaeological products, accumulated through the years. It includes artifacts, made of several material, going out with from 5 000 bc to the sixth century advertisement. Major types of artifacts are: forearms and tools, harness parts and decor, adornments and belt appliqu├ęs, metal and clay home and conspiracy objects, steel and rock sculpture. The impressive number of bronze, gold and silver vessels presents the main of the collection. This significant group consists vases and utensils including the seventh century bc to the sixth century advertising, which were manufactured by workshops located within the entire traditional world: central and close to east, okazaki, japan minor, ls and isle greece, north west aegean seacoast, the ancient neighbor thrace and miscuglio, scythia inside the north dark sea steppes, as well as etruria and southerly italy, the iberian peninsula.

Among the most popular is the band of bronze and silver sides and rhyta without advertising agency in the world. Silver precious metal vases and utensils, and various varieties of silver taking in cups furnished with gilded figures depict a separate category. The Vassil Bojkov houses 3 gilded silver flatware vases comprising orpheus, the sole depictions of the mythological musician referred to on material vessels currently. His name can be written on a single of them : orpheus. Similarly rare in metal ware are the illustrations of theseus and sue, the famous ancient greek language heroes, which in turn adorn a lot of gilded components cups. A few of the vases endure the names with their owners, dedications to various gods, or the weight loads of the cups of: they speak for exceptional worth.

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